15000T/Heap gold tailing heap leaching line

15000T/Heap gold tailing heap leaching line

Heap leaching is an industrial mining process to extract precious metals, gold, copper, and other compounds from ore via a series of chemical reactions that absorb specific minerals and then re-separates them after their division from other earth materials. It places ore on a liner, then adds the chemicals via drip systems to the ore.
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Introduction to Work Flow
A. Raw materials preparation (granulating process)
Two storage bins are set up for gold tailing and cement separately; below the gold tailing bin, there is belt feeder, which feeds materials to the belt conveyor evenly; below the cement bin, there is screw feeder, which feeds the cement to the bet conveyor evenly; the gold tailing goes to the circular vibrating screen, with bigger size materials being removed away and qualified materials going to the granulating machine; the capacity of granulating process is 1000tons per day; the discharged balls are transported to the yard by loader.

B. Heap yard construction
Construct one heap yards of of (L)76m*(W)56m; the yard should be flat, and the gradient should be 3% both in horizontal and vertical direction; put clay onto the yard before it is being flattened; set drainage channels around the yard to avoid floods. 
After the yard is being flattened, put the HDPE sheet on it to avoid seepage; the HDPE sheets should be welded to each other; put clay with 30cm thickness onto the sheet and put another 20cm thickness of sand and stones onto the clay. 
Set liquid collecting channel, sedimentation tank, barren liquor tank, pregnant liquor tank and adsorption column installation area aside. 

C. Heap pile preparation
Qualified discharged balls from the granulating machine are transported to the yard by loader; with the help of the excavator, the height of the heap pile is about 3m.

D. Seepage and washing
When the heap pile is ready, drip the sodium hydroxide solution to the heap with PH value of about 11; when the PH value of the heap pile is near 10, drip the cyanide solution to the heap. 

E. After adsorption process, desorption and electrolysis process, gold-mud can be gained from the pregnant liquor; smelt the gold-mud to get the gold bar. 

F. The waste heap pile remains to be permanent waste or can be demolished for re-piling. 

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