Shaking table

Shaking table is gravity separation machine that can be widely applied in separating minerals, especially for separating gold and coal. Shaking table is mainly composed of bed head, electro-motor, adjusting gradient device, bed surface, ore chute, water chute, rifle bar and lubricating system.
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Shaking table has been widely applied in many industries, which can conduct different working modes such as rough separation, fine separation and scavenging. It is suitable for separating gold, silver, tungsten, zinc, iron, manganese, lead, coal and other metal or heavy metal materials. Shaking table is suitable for 2-0.5mm coarse sand, 0.5-0.074mm fine sand and -0.074 slime in different granularity. When processing tungsten, tin and other metal ore materials, the effective recovery range of shaking table is 2-0.22mm.

Working principle:
The crankshaft rocker moves up and down as shaking table’s belt rotating drove by motor. When the crankshaft rocker moves downward, materials will come in from tilt table though bunker. The water channel of shaking table supplies water to the materials. Like this, while the table is vibrating, the water is flowing. Different density materials will flow to concentrate mouth and tails mouth along with different direction. Mining shaking table has improved much after generations.
1. The shaking table consists of machine head, motor, adjustable slope structure, bed surface, feeding chute, water tank, bed strip and lubrication system.
2. The mineral processing is carried out according to the specific gravity difference of different ore particles.
3. With differential motion provided by the machine head, inclined water-flow and various bed strip impact, ore particles layer loosely and form fan-shaped zone, and then different products are sorted out.

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