Chute ore washer

The chute ore washing machine is suitable for desilting of large quantities of sand and gravel in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, concrete prefabrication plants and hydroelectric fields
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The chute ore washing machine is suitable for desilting of large quantities of sand and gravel in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, concrete prefabrication plants and hydroelectric fields. It can also be used for ore washing, classification and dehydration.
Working Principle
The small particles are suspended in the water and flow out from the overflow port, and the coarse particles sink to the bottom of the tank and are pushed to the discharge end by the spiral blade.
The feed of troughed ore washer is fed from the lower end of the trough. The ore slugs that are bonded together are continuously cut and scrubbed by the washing blades, and are washed and loosened by the high-pressure washing water at the upper end, forcing the viscous soil and The material particles dissociate, and the slurry in the suspended state of the clay is discharged from the lower overflow tank. The coarse-grained material particles are pushed by the blades and discharged from the discharge port on the upper part of the trough washing machine. This is the complete trough washing Machine washing process.
Advantages of trough washing machine
The Spiral groove ore washing machin has a strong cutting and scrubbing ability, and has a strong effect on the disintegration of viscous mud masses. It is suitable for the treatment of difficult to wash minerals with many mud masses and strong viscous properties. It is large and has high ore washing efficiency. It is very ideal for the washing effect of difficult-to-wash minerals. The disadvantage is that the particle size of the feed must not be too large, and coarse grain materials exceeding 50mm may enter the ore washing machine and cause accidents such as blade jamming.
1. Flexible and diverse equipment use
It is used for desliming of sand and gravel. It can also be used for washing, classifying and dehydrating ore. It is widely used for washing of various easy-to-wash and hard-to-wash ore.
2. Easy to clean and use
The ore washing can be performed in a scrubber, or in a screening and classifying equipment. The structure design is reasonable and the whole is safe and reliable.
3. The equipment handles a variety of materials and types
The ore washing machine is a large-scale equipment used for washing ore and stone in black and non-ferrous metallurgical mines, steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, and building materials.
4. Safe and reliable, efficient production
The ore washing machine has a large processing capacity and is an ideal equipment for enterprises with large productivity requirements for the cleanliness of ore and stone
5. Low consumption of wearing parts, reduce cost
The internal structure of the ore washing machine is rigorous, the structure is reasonable, and the consumption of matching parts is relatively small, which is conducive to low-cost investment and increased corporate efficiency.
6. High design requirements for environmental protection development
Strong ability to comprehensively process materials, save resources, and be environmentally friendly.

Technical parameters of chute ore washer

Type Model Diameter Selected size Water consumption Capacity Power Overall dimension Weight
(mm) (mm) (t/h) (t/h) (kw) L×W×H(mm) (kg)
Heavy single spiral XKZ-762 762 ≤60 355-450 80-125 22 6800×1120×1230 9800
XKZ-914 914 ≤60 400-600 125-175 30 6980×1200×1340 11800
XKZ-1118 1118 ≤75 500-750 180-250 37 7400×1380×1950 13900
Heavy double spirals 2XKZ-762 762 ≤60 600-800 100-150 2×22 6980×2091×1340 16800
2XKZ-914 914 ≤60 700-900 150-200 2×30 7120×2146×1590 20800
2XKZ-1118 1118 ≤75 900-1100 200-300 2×37 8500×2861×2150 23870

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