Gold Jacket Centrifuge: Important Gravity Concentration Equipment for Single Gold

Gold jacket centrifuge, also known as Nelson centrifuge, is an important gravity concentration equipment. It is an energy-saving gravity separation equipment developed and improved on the basis of the traditional centrifuge according to the law of centrifugal force. Gold jacket centrifuge can alleviate the inhalation effect, fully settle the heavy mineral particles in the minerals, and greatly improve the separation capacity and recovery rate, which can reach more than 90%.

Gold centrifugal ore dressing machine is composed of the feeding pipe, frame, tailings tank, drive motor, vertical shaft and double-deck centrifugal tank. The inner layer of the centrifugal tank is a head-mounted cone. The inner cone is made of stainless steel with annular lattice bars. There are many small holes on the cone wall. The outer layer is made of ordinary steel plates and is connected with the inner layer. The layers form a closed water jacket. The middle transmission shaft is a hollow shaft, and the pressure water is fed into the water jacket through the hollow shaft. Water is continuously sprayed from the small holes in the inner layer and flows into the grid bars to form backwash water. The ground or screened ore particles pass through the central ore feeding pipe in the form of slurry from the upper part and are fed to the ore dressing component. Under the action of the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation, the slurry moves upward along the cone, and the light minerals are discharged from the upper periphery of the cone to the tailings tank; heavy minerals are deposited between the grid bars under the action of centrifugal force, actually depositing on the inner cone.

The gold jacket centrifuge has an ideal recovery effect on single gold, especially on fine-grained gold. It can replace the mercury amalgamation operation, eliminate the harm of mercury to the human body, and and reduce damage to the environment.

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