Double impellers leaching stirred tank

Double impeller leaching and stirring tank is a cyanide leaching and stirring equipment designed with reference to international advanced technology.
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Product description 
Double impeller leaching and stirring tank is a cyanide leaching and stirring equipment designed with reference to international advanced technology. This equipment is mainly suitable for gold leaching, adsorption and other mixing operations with small specific gravity, low viscosity, slow sedimentation speed, ore particle size of -200 mesh and more than 90%, and slurry concentration of less than 45%. It has the characteristics of double-layer impeller, uniform stirring, low energy consumption, long service life, and even aeration. It is deeply favored by customers who has gold processing mines.
The flow of the ore stream is stable, the slurry is mixed uniformly, and the power consumption is low;
The air enters the groove through the hollow shaft of the transmission, and is agitated by the blades, so that the air is evenly dispersed;
Compact structure and easy maintenance;
The hollow shaft is ventilated to the bottom, and air enters the tank through it, dispersed evenly with small bubbles;
Using two new impellers, the diameter of the impeller of the stirring tank is large, the rotation speed is low, and the power consumption of the stirring is small, which can reduce the wear of the char;
The stirring intensity is moderate, and the concentration and fineness distribution of the slurry in the tank are consistent, which can improve the leaching rate of cyanide and the adsorption rate of carbon;
The impeller of the leaching mixing tank is lined with wear-resistant rubber, which has a low speed and a long service life.
Working principle
When the double impeller leaching mixing tank is working, the pulp will flow from the top to the bottom under the drag and stirring action of the double impeller, diffuse through the surrounding damping plate, and feed air at the lower end of the shaft to mix with the pulp Circulate upward to form a uniform suspension mixture.

Technical date
Double impellers leaching stirred tank
Model Cell(diameter×Height)(mm) Effective Volume(m³) Impeller Diameter(mm)   Cyclical Planetary Reducer Weight(kg)  
Rotation Speed(rpm) Diameter(mm) Feeding Tube Output Tube Model Ratio Motor Power(kw) Cell Weight Total Weight
SJ2.0×2.5 2000×2500 6 52 909 2-φ133 2-φ133 XLD2.2-4-29 29 2.2 1609 2144
SJ2.5×3.15 2500×3150 13 52 935 2-φ125 2-φ125 XLD2.2-4-29 29 2.2 2398 3095
SJ3×3.15 3000×3150 18.9 43 1130 2-φ150 2-φ150 XLD4-5-35 35 4 2480 4160
SJ3.55×4.0 3550×4000 35 43 1310 2-φ150 2-φ150 XLD4-5-35 35 4 4260 5025
SJ4.0×4.5 4000×4500 48 35 1750 2-φ150 2-φ150 XLD7.5-7-43 43 7.5 6397 7569
SJ4.5×5.0 4500×5000 71.6 35 1750 2-φ159×6 2-φ159×6 XLD7.5-7-43 43 7.5 8614 10864
SJ5.0×5.6 5000×5600 98 31 2046 2-φ159×8 2-φ159×8 XLD11-8-47 47 11 8740 14291
SJ5.5×6.0 5500×56000 112 31 2100 2-φ159×8 2-φ159×8 XLD11-8-47 47 11 12467 18745
SJ6.5×7.0 6500×7000 195 21 2400 2-φ159×8 2-φ159×8 GRF147-Y22-4P-70.87 47 22 17890 25978
SJ7.0×7.5 7000×7500 245.4 21 2400 2-φ159×8 2-φ159×8 XLD22-10-47 47 22 20505 29030
SJ7.5×8.0 7500×8000 268.6 23 2900 2-φ168×8 2-φ168×8 XLD22-10-47 47 22 22552 32796
SJ8.0×8.5 8000×8500 319 18.5 3300 2-φ168×8 2-φ168×8 TPS315-3F 59 22 30559.5 42467.3
SJ8.5×9.0 8500×9000 395 18.5 3300 2-φ219×8 2-φ219×8 TPS315-3F 59 22 34130 46623

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