Jig Machine in Gravity Concentration for Particles Separation

Jig machine is a kind of equipment used for gravity concentration. The materials are mainly sorted according to density differences in the vertically ascending and descending variable-speed medium flow. The differences in particle size and shape of the materials have a certain impact on the mineral processing results. The medium of jig machine can be water or air.
Jigging Machine
The jig machine can not only sort narrow ore particles out, but can also effectively separate wide ore and non-graded ore particles. Maintaining the necessary looseness of the jig bed is the prerequisite for stratification. If the jig bed is not loose enough, it is difficult for the mineral particles to transfer to each other and to delaminate. Therefore, in the jigging process, it’s important to extend the looseness time of the jig bed as much as possible, so as to improve the processing volume and concentration effect of the jigger.
Traditional jigs are mostly driven by circular eccentricity, and their jig pulsation curve is a sinusoidal waveform. The rising and falling water flow speeds and times caused by the movement of the diaphragm are basically the same. The pulsation curve of the sawtooth wave jig is a sawtooth waveform, which makes the rising water flow faster than the falling water flow. The rising time is short and the falling time is long, which enhances the looseness of the jig bed, allows the heavy mineral particles to fully settle, and greatly improves the sorting ability and recovery rate of the equipment.

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